Jan. 17th 2009
Almost a year has passed since the last update. In the meantime I was collecting more books (see new "Literature" section for a nice listing) and in Oct./Nov. 2008 I spent another holiday in Druk Yul, during the time of the tsechu at Jampay Lhakhang.

Feb. 11th 2008
Again a happy new year, male earth rat year has just begun. Losar gi Tashi Delek!
And some news: I was provided another interesting book "My Picture Dictionary" (see about section). Sooner or later I will add descriptions to the books, currently only scans of the front covers are available.
During the last weeks I was collecting topics for a kind of weblog to start. There are many rare known things about Bhutan and also some personal views which might be interesting. Upcoming topic will be "Dzongkha - foreign language in Bhutan?". Stay tuned

Jan. 10th 2008
Happy new year! Not much has changed here, but the page is still alive and benefitting of my permament hanging around in Druknet chat and at kuzoo.net.
The starting-page has been removed, now dzongkha.de starts directly with this frameset. The former graphic is now used here as a light-grey background.
By chance I found a Dzongkha/German book, which reached me today. Absolutely awesome!

Sep. 2nd 2007
Search function has been implemented; all menu entries are filled with valid pages (but most "under construction"). The search tries to find the entered expression in all three languages and also in transliteration/transcription columns. For example, try to search for 'dru' or 'hbru' or 'འབ'.

Aug. 20th 2007
The work continues. After setting up the database and struggling a lot with unicode encoding I'm proud to present the first entries in the dictionary. Use the "Show all" link in the upper frame to see the entries. In the upcoming weeks I will add regularly more words and expressions. If you want to participate, help in other ways or if you have any questions - feel free to contact me by mail:

Dec. 1st 2006
This page will contain: Since I am currently writing my diploma thesis, I cannot spend much time for this page...
Hopefully I will be able to start this project in the beginning of 2007.
You can send any comments or questions to